Sharp and Almo Step up to the Plate with up to $75 InfoComm Special Rebate
Save up to $75 per unit on select Sharp Aquos Boards® & Professional Displays with our exclusive Post-InfoComm Special Rebates
Valid through September 30, 2017

We thought the Sharp booth at InfoComm was a home run, and we’re ready to play ball with an Almo Exclusive InfoComm Special Rebate of up to $75 per unit on select Sharp Aquos Boards®, Displays and Monitors. One simple online form gets you unlimited rebates on every purchase from June 26 through September 30, 2017 for the qualifying models*.  

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Sharp Models Special Rebate
(per unit)
PN-L803C $75
PN-C703B $75
PN-C603D $75
PN-C805B $75
PN-C705B $75
PN-L703W $75
PN-L603W $75
PN-L703B $75
PN-L603B $75
PN-L401C $50
PN-R496 $50
PN-R603 $75
Sharp Models Special Rebate
(per unit)
PN-R706 $75
PN-R903A $75
PN-E603 $75
PN-E703 $75
PN-E803 $75
PN-Y326 $50
PN-Y436 $50
PN-Y496 $50
PN-Y556 $50
PN-H701 $75
PN-H801 $75

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Terms and Conditions

  • *Eligible Models: PN-L803C, PN-C703B, PN-C603D, PN-C805B, PN-C705B, PN-L703W, PN-L603W, PN-L703B, PN-L603B, PN-L401C, PN-R496, PN-R603, PN-R706, PN-R903A, PN-E603, PN-E703, PN-E803, PN-Y326, PN-Y436, PN-Y496, PN-Y556, PN-H701, PN-H801
  • Promotion ends September 30, 2017
  • Claims may be submitted before actual date of installation when end-user information is provided
  • All claims must be submitted online no later than September 30, 2017
  • Only one sales order per form submission will be accepted. 
  • Almo has the right to alter or cancel the program promotion at any time
  • Valid in the U.S. only
  • Allow 3-4 weeks for rebate processing
  • Some special pricing may not be combinable. Check with your Almo representative
  • Reseller must be in good credit standing with no overdue balances to receive credit
  • Any product returns will be deducted/removed from Dealer payment.


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